A founding principle

We work together with Local Partner from Civil Society to ensure sustainable development. 

We combine our insight on local conditions and expertise  in long-term development with businesses of all sizes.

Working in networks ensures that emergency and development programmes effectively.

We get more than a third of our global turnover from donors. See a list.  

Partnership is a founding principle of DICAC /RRAD not just a way of working but fundamental to our values and identity. Working in manmade and natural emergency areas is complex and tough. Collaboration is therefore crucial, necessary and mandatory. As EOTC-DICAC/RRAD humanitarian and developments program we cannot, and do not want to achieve our objectives on our own. We greatly value our donors, the implementing and strategic partners. We consider partnerships, memberships and collaboration essential elements of our work. We cooperate with Ethiopian government and other NGOs wherever possible, sharing knowledge and experience on implementation and security, complementing each other in the implementation of programs, raising awareness among the community, as well as soliciting for funds.