Compliance Response

DICAC-RRAD wants to improve the quality of our work.

   Therefore, we are open to all complaints about our work in Ethiopia where we work.

EOTC-DICAC-RRAD has zero tolerance for:

  • Sexual harassment and exploitation,
  • Any form of abuse of power,
  • Fraud, theft, corruption or other intentional misuse of funds,
  • Physical and psychological abuse,
  • Criminal offences, and,
  • Nepotism

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Download Complaint form here


  1. Download the from 
  2. Fill the form and save the file
  3. Email us to     

To support this Approach EOC-DICAC/RRAD includes these ethical canons in its different policies like code of conduct, child protection policy, Gender policy, PSEA policy, safeguarding policy, anti-terrorism and anti-money laundry policy, whistleblowing policy, health and safety policy, image policy , conflict of interest policy, and financial policies and standards. All our staffs, consultants, contractors, suppliers and partners respect and uphold the above policies and standards.

The EOC-DICAC-RRAD Compliance committee receives reports of suspected violations and investigates them as appropriate. Committee take complaints about EOC-DICAC-RRAD organization, staffs, consultants, contractors, suppliers and partners misconduct seriously, and will respond in a timely , appropriate manner through established mechanism; Anyone who purposely makes FALSE ACCUSATIONS about another staff, consultant, partner, contractor and supplier will be subject for disciplinary action.

Please describe what happened, who were involved and the consequences as detailed as possible:
(If any) Supply the names of witnesses and where they can be contacted, if known
A sensitive complaint is typically a complaint about corruption, sexual exploitation or another gross violence of our staff rules. Sensitive complaint Yes
Do you want us to treat your complaint with confidentiality meaning that only a very limited number of persons who need to know about the complaint will be involved in the process?
Please describe your expected outcome/response of the complaint:
By submitting this complaint you accept DICAC-RRAD Complaint Handling System by which the complaint will be processed according the description at our website