A total of 500 dedicated staff (150 women) implemented a total of 25 projects during the year 2021.  67 of these are based in the head Office in the capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, whereas the remaining 433 are based in the various field offices across the country. 


Conflict, drought, economic problem and flooding are the main causes of displacement in Ethiopia. Surrounded by a region in conflict, Ethiopia is Africa’s second largest refugee hosting country, hosting 900,000 refugees. They are mainly from neighboring South Sudan, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia. A large number of returnees from Arab and European countries and internally displaced peoples existed in the country also.

All this peoples (refugee, returnees and internally displaced peoples) struggle to rebuild their life and EOTC—DICAC/RRAD helps a lots of these peoples in different sectors. Starting from its establishment more than 2,000,000.00 peoples received our assistance. 

People we helped Ethiopia in since its establishment

35,000.00 people benefited from our education programme

5,000.00 people benefited from our shelter programme

10,000.00 people benefited from our NRM programme

10,000.00 people benefited from our CBPS programme

10,000.00 people benefited from our WASH programme

1010,000.00 people benefited from our Health programme