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Who We Are

EOTC-DICAC envisages a just society in which everyone leads a quality life.

To Assist The Vulnerable Communities In Ethiopia To Attain Self-Reliance By Taking The Root Causes Of Poverty, Drought.


The Values Of The Organization Have Been Emanated From The Holy Bible “…For I Was Hungry And You Gave Me Food; I Was Thirsty.


Helping refugees get their basic needs (food, shelter, clothing and medication) and follow-up their social well-being


EOTC-DICAC/RRAD has long been implementing different projects both for the host communities, refugees and returnees since 1965. 

EOTC-DICAC is under the authority of the Holy Synod, with a Board appointed by the Holy Synod. 

What We DO

Improving Health Status Of the Refugee Population. Dealing with the issue of healthcare is no small challenge for any country, either rich or poor.

We recognize that climate change is a threat to lives, livelihoods and to all of creation all across the world. We continue to witness .

The foundation of all community based psychosocial work is the belief in the affected community’s capacity for recovery and resilience .

We promote livelihood strategies that protect, recover and strengthen individuals’ and households’ abilities to earn a living.


We are ready to serve Refuges and Returnees

  • Addis Ababa (Head office)
  • Amhara (North Gonder/Dabat, South Wello/ Dessie , North Shewa/Debrebirhan)
  • Tigray (Shire)
  • Somali (Jigjig, Melekedida, Sheder, Kebre-Beya, Awbare)
  • Benishangul -Gumuz (Assosa, Sherkole, Tongo,Bambasi, Tsore, Gure-Shambolla)
  • Gambella (Pinyudo, Kule,Jewi, Tierkidi, Nguenyyiel, Dimma/OKUGO)
  • Afar (Semera, Asayeta)

Latest News and updates

DICAC-RRAD was hosted one special day among the16th days of activism, which was held on July 7th, 2022 and have a good time with invited donors and partners and refugee communities.

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